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Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Sickly and Reflecting...

I'm home sick from seminary today, coughing up a storm and I've been pondering some thoughts about the future. I've been listening to The Dividing Line webcast a fair bit, and going back to reading a bit on Mormonism, as well as apologetics. I've got 1 more year left on my MDiv and then I'm done school, unless I seek a ThM somewhere (or skip to PhD), but I've realized that I haven't really found a direction to focus my study. What I mean is that I've been writing about a variety of topics (though not here), for many things peek my interest, but I haven't found myself getting "into" anything fully...

...I have wanted to continue writing some stuff on cessationism, and Mormonism, and Catholicism, and Apologetics, and Premillenialism (which I'm admittedly only beginning to study), and textual criticism (which is more interesting that I thought it would be), counseling, youth ministry (which I think severely needs some half-brained content added to it's Evangelical corpus) and so on, but seminary and marriage demand almost all of my time these days. In a year, I'll be freed up from the humongous shackles of school (for really the first time in 25+ years) to finally pastor and pursue whatever writing/apologetic/pastoral ministry I desire, and I'm not sure what I want to do! Oh the misery of choice!

If I do a ThM, I'll have to pick an area of specialization and begin research. Same thing goes for a PhD.

If I begin a writing ministry, I'll have to start working in a direction (apologetics, cults, cessationism, eschatology, etc.) and start really sharpening my knowledge and interaction with whatever field. Either way, I know I'll be involved in a church and I also know that I will have to find a secondary outlet for all my learning (not bragging, but I've got a slight bit more theological and biblical education than your average lay-person). What to do? Where to go?

This probably sounds super arrogant...doh! Oh well. I haven't posted here since before Apple stocks plummeted, so I don't think I have any readers anymore. Either way, just thinking on the old blog.

Until Next Time,

The Armchair Theologian


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