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Wednesday, February 08, 2006

Where along the way did we forget...

...that we are in a war?

...that God can see through a roof?

...that wicked men know how to smile?

...that we have something to smile about?

...that some things are worth fighting for?

...that having 'balance' isn't a biblical command?

...that people with PhD's take just as long to find Waldo as the rest of us?

...that humility and good intentions are no substitute for education and ability?

...that 'being nice' isn't the same as 'being holy'?

...that it's not possible to be 'too much like Jesus'?

...that God is smarter than everyone in the whole wide world?

...that the Bible is true?

...that life isn't always supposed to be 'all fun and games'?

...that hell is real?

...that 'new' doesn't equal 'better'?

...that 'tradition' doesn't equal 'biblical'?

...that people who lived before you did might be smarter than you are?

...that all this idiocy has happened 29 times before and has been totally dealt with by those old, dead, smart people?

...that having money doesn't make someone wise or godly?

...that having questions doesn't automatically make someone a troublemaker?

...that having answers doesn't automatically make someone a Pharisee?

...that we need to love each other?

I'm on the verge of going nuts. More thoughts need to happen and a few significant changes are going to come in my life right now. I might even drop some ambiguity sometimes...though with the reading audience I have, that most likely wouldn't be wise. Until Next Time,

The Armchair Theologian


Blogger Markio said...

I don't know. I think losing the ambiguity would be fun. I read in a post once that balance is not in the Bible. :)

8:13 AM

Blogger Will K. said...

Far to true. God can see through a roof, I love that one. Most people seem to really forget that one.

3:20 PM

Blogger Al said...


4:49 PM


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