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Sunday, January 15, 2006

My Faith In Humanity Is...

...About the same as it's always been. Over the last three days, at my store I've had three couples come into my store that were similar in one way; the women were great (well tempered, well mannered, intelligent, articulate, pleasant, beautiful, etc.) and the men were goons (ill tempered, ill mannered, ignorant, inarticulate, obnoxious, abusive, etc.). What's strange (for lack of a better term) was that the couples got progressively 'worse'. Today there was a couple where the woman was very beautiful, smart, funny, educated, etc. (lawyer) and the guy was a very obnoxious, aggressive, ignorant, impatient, abusive dude. She came into the store looking for something and he stayed in the car for whatever reason. He eventually came in and made rude comments about how stupid she was for looking for a computer; shooting down each idea she had. He was literally acting like an 10 year old, eventually commenting that "We're not getting you a computer for work until my sled (ski-doo) gets fixed." She protested, saying that she needed a computer for work and he told her that he didn't care.

I must admit that I almost said something, but I didn't really know what to say. I just kept changing the subject and trying to make him laugh while she was shopping for something for her. What a jerk!

Pretty much, this just re-iterates the age old question. Why do amazing girls get together with brain donors? I mean, I know the answer theologically...I guess it's just a rhetorical question...and partly whining. In as much as I know that sin blinds the mind to the truth and enslaves the imagination (Oh! How many times have I heard "Well, he was just having a bad day...he's normally a really nice guy!"...). It's just constantly mindboggling. Well, sin is mindboggling. I mean, don't girls notice that he's a flaming butthead when he's only nice to them? Come on! Well, then again I guess a lot of great guys date 'hot' girls that are as shallow as the day is long. So guys are stupid too. Okay. Whining done. Back to work. Until Next Time,

The Armchair Theologian


Blogger Chickadeeva said...

I hate to admit it, and I don't call myself an 'amazing girl' but, I did find myself dating a raging butthead a time or two....

I would have to say that it had to do with my own self esteem. I also found myself attracted to kind of cocky buggers because I mistook the cockiness for confidence.

2:17 PM

Blogger The Armchair Theologian said...

Wow. Thanks for some honesty! Things I've always suspected are now confirmed! Ha-HA!

7:47 AM


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