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Wednesday, November 08, 2006

Weird Thought...

Man. As I was driving home from class today, I started thinking (as is usually the case). I've been in school, either part or full time, for 22.5 years as of December. I've spent close to $100,000 on education, and by a tremendous work of God's providence I'm debt free, though at 29 I'm finishing the first year of my MDiv. Well, what's a little tadpole to do? Either rack up $180,000 in debt and go into ministry, or rack up $80,000 in debt by schooling in the US and then still going into ministry. Man! Craziness!

Beyond that, I've lived in 18 different places over the course of that schooling, though much of that was relocating for summer work during my college years. (Though I'm counting moves to different addresses. I've "lived" in 6 different cities, 7 counting Burbank) My place in Burbank is the 19th place I've lived. Hopefully I'll get to stay here for MORE than a year, but I'm guessing I won't be living in this place for much more than 2-2.5 years. Once I'm done my school, I'm gone again; heading back to Canada, most likely Saskatchewan or Alberta. Well, that is unless something happens in the meantime, like being in a coma for a decade. Either way, life is sure crazy. I can't wait to live at one address for more than 1 year, which is my current record.

Oh, and thanks to all the people who've helped me move over the years! (Kurt Buchanan, Adam Staniowski, Ben Ward, Cam Brodzki, Ben Renoylds, Jeff Nicklefork, Chad Graham, Dave Palmer, Curtis Jurgens, and some others that I forget) One day I'll have a home that you can all come over to for a meatfest! YES! Just some mid-afternoon thoughts. If this moving around continues for another 10 years, I'll honestly feel like Israel! Until Next Time,

The Armchair Theologian


Blogger Curtis said...

Word! Anytime I am around and you need a hand, feel free to (continue to) give me a ring.

About meat fests! I will give you a really really really early warning about an annual meat fest that you have missed for the past 3 years: August long weekend in northern Saskatchewan--- The 4th Annual Jurgens Retreat & Meat Gathering. No excuses. Be there! I will be flying home just for that weekend.

2:04 PM

Blogger Karmyn said...

I can relate. We have been married 19 months and have lived in 3 different countries...I feel like we are "of no fixed address"... is that a bad thing??

6:28 PM


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