So Nimm Denn Meine Hande...

Wednesday, October 18, 2006

...Nuff said...

I'm sure they're all looking down from glory and smiling. Until Next Time,

The Armchair Theology


Blogger Joanna Martens said...

you think we can look down on earth from glory?

12:26 PM

Blogger Joanna Martens said...

one more thing..i sent you an email. lets get in touch.

12:43 PM

Anonymous The Armchair Theologian said...

Okay! You caught me! They're not too worried about much else right now, let alone what I'm doing! HA! I e-mailed you back. Best Recognize!

4:11 PM

Blogger Kirk said...

hold on...where can i get a brigham is my homeboy, or a Charles Taze Russell is my homeboy?, L.Ron is my Homeboy, Rev. Sun Myung Moon is my Homeboy, etc.

the new logos are nice though, real nice.

10:34 PM

Anonymous Penile Implant in India said...

That is great to hear, thank you for reading!

4:09 AM


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