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Wednesday, February 22, 2006

What's on my mind...

Good question. For those of you who have ever wondered what's going on at any given moment in my mind, here's all that's on my mind right now:

Well, life is moving along and September is closing in fast. I need a haircut. I'm kinda hungry. I need to finish my application for my student loans. Charles Billingsley is quite over-dramatic when he leads worship. Why did C.C.B. start talking about pregnancy and groaning while we were discussing the issue of speaking in tongues today? How come C.C.B. seems to be unable to think logically? Does she even really have any concern for the driving point of that biblical text? Why do so many people have such completely pigmie hermeneutics and just bend the bible to be whatever it is in the world that they want it to be? I wonder if P.H.S. thinks of me as an enemy because I accused him of hermeneutical inconsistancy? Should I have some fries or soup? Would it be wise to cancel my insurance at the start of the month? I'd love to have a few hours to ask questions to Ergun! Am I ever going to find a church that I can be 'on the same page' as? Will Chad even come back to Canada and try to get into ministry? How does a guy like Ergun Caner stand up against hundreds of thousands of Christians who think he's nuts? How will I ever do the same when it's my time to be in the line of fire? Should I wash my sheets tonight or tomorrow? Should I get up early for the gym or wait until the evening? Man my shoulders are sore. How is it that so many churches are filled with cynics and educated people and people with questions and yet nobody seems to be able to give any real answers to anything? Should I still pursue getting to know her? Or her? Or her? What does epignosis work out to mean in that passage? Is it too late to vaccum the basement?

and so on...and so on...

yeah. I have to put up a post for Camille too...I haven't forgot. I just cannot blog at work anymore because my boss didn't like it. That means that by the time I get home to actually do the post, I cannot remember what I was going to say. Hence the blogging drought. Anywho, check out my tech blog and enjoy the Chuck Norris Jokes for the next while, until I get something good up here. Until Next Time,

The Armchair Theologian


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