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Friday, June 16, 2006

Praise the Lord!

Tonight, after several phone calls to California, I got a place lined up in Burbank, Ca. Praise the Lord for that! Now I kow where I'll be living, and that's one MASSIVE headache to check off the list! Sweet potatoe PIE! It's gonna cost me a fair bit, but it's close to school and it sounds pretty sweet. I'm apparently going to be sharing a house with one other seminary student, so I won't have to be renting a room with a family and staying 'out of their way' all the time. I'm pretty stoked about this all! Now I just need $5,200 for 8 months rent, and enough to hold the place through the summer (I plan on coming back and trying to hit the rigs next summer...not a whole lot of choices there...doh!) Seeing that enlisting the prayers of my millions of readers (all 8 of you) has produced such fruit, I now need prayer for either student loans, a student line of credit or a massive donation to my student account from someone! (Oh, and if anyone wants to donate some money to my schooling fund, I'll post some information sometime as to where cash can be sent) Okay! Off to bed for me! God is good! Until next time,

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