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Friday, December 15, 2006

The super cool Antikythera Mechanism has been figured out!

Okay! I'm finally back online. Here's something that I had sitting in draft state for a while, but I'm just posting it now! Anyway, more to come soon! It's the holidays and I have several things to pound out. Sorry I was gone so long, but school demanded the time! Enjoy:

Something interesting on another Oopart: the Antikythera Mechanism was recently "figured out".

Check this out. It's impossible for ancient cultures to have been actually technologically advanced, right?

Strange. Interesting. Just something cool. I hope you're entertained at how this one artifact apparently "throws a monkey wrench" into certain schools of historical theory. Man! If the data keeps changing like this, how will we ever know anything about anything? It's hopeless. I'm throwing in the towel and simply selling hot dogs. Until Next Time,

The Armchair Theologian


Blogger Craver VII said...

I'll come back and check out the links later. Just wanted to shout out a "Welcome Back!" (humming Welcome Back Kotter theme song in the background)

I respect that you took care of priorities and left your homies hanging out to dry, as we kept checking day after day for an update, wondering whether there was a partial rapture, senses of humor being atrophied... somebody hand me a tissue.

8:22 AM

Blogger Colin said...

Recently Stephen Dubner (of Freakonomics) recently posted the same question on his blog. The responses and general discussion are interesting. There are definitely a few very theories worth considering.

My two follow up thoughts for you are these:
1) Ancient 'technology' can often appear to be more advanced than they really are. Your so called problem of Ooparts often have very simple explanations or alternatives. For example, this guy who is building stone henge by hand. So much for advanced technology.

2) What if our global history chronology was incorrect?

Check out this paper on historical dating. (There are other similar proofs using astronomy and other such on

I came across this paper while doing my undergrad (originally developed at the UofA). It suggests that our generally accepted historical timeline contains repeated segments that artificially inflate our global chronology.

The premise is that during the so called dark ages one empire would conquer another and then rewrite the history books to inflate the strength of this new empire. History is written by those who who control the power. Then, during the renaissance, when a global chronology was being formed, these ‘rewrites’ were butted up against each other to create an extended timeline.

So what if this theory is correct? It would mean that this is more like the year 1306 CE not 2006! The gap in technological advancement would virtually disappear!

11:15 PM

Blogger The Armchair Theologian said...

Yeah...that video of the stonhenge guy is cool. Thanks for that!

I'm not saying that the Ooparts are some monumental problem, but only that some of them are a triviality and others do present some challenges.

It's more an interesting, albeit trivial idea, to speculate that pre-flood man was technologically advanced. You are certainly correct in suggesting that many of the Ooparts have simply solutions that we simply have not discovered yet...

...But I find it tremendously entertaining that you approach Ooparts with faith (we don't know, but it's likely that eventually we could find out a simple solution) and you approach the scriptures with doubt.

That's also quite the curiosity to me!

And Revisionist History? Our timeline is 700 years off? Hmmm. Interesting thought, but I don't think that it's 1306AD nor that all history was fabricated after the 12th century and recorded history started in 900AD.

THAT is awesome! I've gotta bookmark that! That is so hilarious!

Where do you find that crazy-go-nuts stuff? HA! That's seriously hilarious Colin! You get a massive high five or that one!

Man! I thought I was a youth earth creationist! That guy's like 6 times as bad as me! HA! All history started in the 10th century? HA! AWESOME!

4:00 AM

Anonymous CW Graham said...

okay, holy crap on that awsome link to revisionist history and long live the Israeli Catholic superpower!!!

Although entertaining, I think it is a little easier to accept that ooparts demonstrate the ingenuity of ancient man, but hey....

Why didn't the study consult Duncan MacCloud though. I'm sure he could hae cleared this up...

7:28 AM

Anonymous Buddhist said...

Hot dogs, you say?

Make me one with everything.

10:43 AM


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