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Monday, November 13, 2006

You Learn Something New Every DAY!

New Word: "ooparts". What does it mean?

"Ooparts" is short for "Out Of Place Artifact". And Oopart is an archeological find that is curious, questionable or downright destructive to the reigning paradigm. I just learned this word today and have been doing a ton of reading into antediluvian civilizations (civilizations that were around before Noahs flood).

Bascially, there's a whole ton of interesting and crazy technological marvels found in archeology that not a whole lot of people want to talk about. There's the Bagdad Battery, a 2,000 year old battery that Mythbusters (episode 29) actually found to work and give 4+ volts.

There's the 2,600 year old rock crystal lens (picture link at bottom) that insinuates that ancient cultures had a complex enough understanding of optics to produce corrective spectacles.

Theres the pyramids at Giza, (which aren't a total mystery but are an engineering marvel, even by modern standards) the various human remains and iron pots/cups/hammers found in coal deposits (which is a big problem since coal apparently predates even the dinosaurs), the various (literally dozens) 8-12 foot tall skeletons that have been found, etc.

It's all super interesting, but it's also all not exactly popular with mainstream archeology. There's not a lot of room for "advanced ancient cultures", and there's not a lot of answers to why cavemen apparently were grunting and smashing rocks together for millions of years and then, somewhere around 4,500+ years ago, emerged from their caves and, simultaneously all over the world, started building complex and advanced monuments, displaying very impressive feats of engineering.

How can one make sense of this?

Here's one option. This video clip gives a rational answer...well, not really. It's still entertaining.

I have another.
Around 4,500 years ago, several men emerged from an ark after a catastrophic flood. They had exceedingly advanced knowledge of much of the hard sciences and trades since they had a LOT of time to learn (The youngest of which lived to be at least 600 years old) and also, being much closer to the original, perfect man, would have had a more perfect genome with correspondingly superior cognitive faculties to modern, devolved man. (Oh yeah, and the culture that they came out of was they like learned stuff from before and remembered it when they left the ark!) These men would have taught their knowledge to their children, who also would have lived hundreds of years and learned rapidly. Beyond that, they would have lived (for a while), at that time there was a universal language which would have contributed to their efforts by making them able to work on monumental tasks with minimal communication problems. Eventually the benefits of common language, excellent genetics and extreme longevity would disappear, but for a time there was a technological explosion that was exponentially fueled by the existing knowledge that was past on by the 4 flood survivors. Is it possible?

Sure...if the Bible is true.

Does anyone believe that the Bible is true anymore?

I mean, what kinda question is that? Everyone knows that it's been like changed and editted and whatnot so many times that you cannot know what the original Bible said, and beyond that, it's just another book written by men. And it's so ignorant and intollerant of other faiths to even suggest that the Christian holy book is the only true holy book; like how ignorant is that? I thought "god" was supposed to be all about love, and then the Christians go off and start judging everyone and telling the whole world that "you're wrong and we're right"! How totally stupid!

Can anyone guess if I've ever heard those lines before?

Anyway, there's some good Oopart links here and some interesting, though kinda questionable, information here. Chase truth. Until Next Time,

The Armchair Theologian


Blogger Jennifer said...

Man, that stuff is so cool!! I seriously fell in love with archeology in my class with my Old Testament prof....I think holding an oil lamp from the time of the OT did it for, it's just crazy-go-nuts!

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