So Nimm Denn Meine Hande...

Thursday, November 23, 2006

Something for those of us who feel like tapping out...

Yeah. A word of encouragement from Dr. David Jeremiah for all of you who are burned out from being in school for what seems like forever:

Until Next Time,

The Armchair Theologian


Blogger Frank Martens said...

Not to be a jerk but... could you axe "the tank" after my name? :) I would prefer not to be associated with that movie in any way.

4:30 PM

Anonymous liz said...

with 4 weeks separating me from freedom, otherwise known as winter break, i'm glad i accidentally stumbled upon your blog and this entry.

7:07 PM

Blogger The Armchair Theologian said...

What movie? My roomie's computer, back in Canada, was called "Frank the Tank". Does it mean something that I don't know about?

8:53 PM


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