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Friday, January 26, 2007

Memoirs of Minneapolis...

Well, seeing that I got back from my trip to Minneapolis at 3:00am, and 4 hours later was in Hebrew Exegesis, I've kinda not recovered from the last two weeks whirlwind (or total lack of sleep) until now. Add to that the ongoing shenanigans of my birthday hijinks for the wonderful lady in my life, as well as all the last minute reading/working I've had to do with the two classes that released the syllabi the day I got back, and I've been busy. I've obviously not been blogging and I've also not even been reading blogs of all my friends and foes for a while.

But I as I am kinda getting back on track with life and school, things are approaching normal. I'm currently still working on something for my eternally ongoing series on cessationism, but I learned some new information that has lead to one of the biggest thought projects that I've had in several years (some new things regarding biblical prophecy which require significant amounts of biblical synthesis to verify and formulate...and may lead to a thesis...), but should be good when it's done. (maybe another few weeks, depending on schedule...). Anyway, once I'm done with all this cessationism stuff, I'm going to organize it together into a large (100+ page) Word document or PDF file that I'll make available. That's a LONG way off though (think summer 2008, based on predictions from my current schedule). Anyway, I haven't forgot; I'm just far beyond busy (and finding a spare 15 hours in my week for some intense research is difficult).

As for Minneapolis, I'm glad to be able to say "I came, I saw, I met the Frank". Yup. I done saw Frank Martens. Oh, and Jen Daas, and Heidi & Ben Priesler, and Ben Oetken, and Gretchen "The Bruce" Lee, and all the people in Jen Hibst's small group, and Mr. & Mrs. Hibst, Alissa Hibst, Emily Hibst, and of course my girlfriend: Lady Jennifer Hibst (Or soon to be..). I even saw the infamous Micheal T and Jeff, the Familiar (one day I will have a LOT of fun with that dude). I must admit, they're all pretty cool and Jen and I have very parallel sets of friends. I'm quite fond of many of the B-Bappers that I met and will enjoy spending time with them again sometime, maybe in March (fingers crossed!).

I didn't get as much work done in Minneapolis as I planned (what else is new?) but I did get lost several times with a local sitting right beside me! HA! Beyond that, I got to partly help a family move to a new house and had a random stranger spend several minutes trying to explain to me that I "look like that guy" (also, a common occurance for me for some reason). I saw the head office for Best Buy (I call it "God's Shuriken") and I did not go to the mall of America (too many bad memories of leather pants, metrosexual men buying Oakley shades and super greasy mall food...*shiver*). I got some snow the last night I was there and it was pretty great. Feels a lot like Calgary in Minneapolis. I actually like it there.

Oh, and I ate at both Dairy Queen and A&W, neither of which is anywhere in California (though their websites claim that they are...said websites tell LIES!!)

So yeah. Just a little post on my trip to Minneapolis and a tiny update on where I'm at. Until Next Time,

The Armchair Theologian


Blogger Frank Martens said...

"I came, I saw, I met the Frank"

Not sure how I got put on the status of "The Frank".... Do I get talked about a lot over there or something? :)

Also... there are far better malls to visit in the L.A. area then the Mall of America.

Just sayin.


10:16 AM

Blogger Michael said...

Dude, you're known as "the Frank" now? Nice! =)

Sounds like you had a good ol' time there Armchair. Booyah!

12:40 AM

Blogger Dusto said...

Oh...You know you love leather pants! You didn't even see the entire mall anyway since you and Pootie were so freakin concerned with the book store and Bubba Gump!

10:52 AM

Blogger The Armchair Theologian said...

HA! I fogot about Bubba Gump! That was so hilarious! Well, that and that book store were supa cool! You're right.

As for the leather pants, I have this kinda mishmash of "love" and "fear" and "entertainment" going through my mind when I think of them.

12:58 PM


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