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Friday, July 13, 2007

Did you know...

That in June 2007, there were TWO creation science museums opened in North America? The first was the large Answers in Genesis Creation Museum, the $27 million operation that was opened in Kentucky and attracted hundreds of protesters and tremendous media response.

The second was the Big Valley Creation Science Museum, which had around 2 dozen people at it's opening and absolutely no protest. It was designed, built and funded entirely by one man; Harry Nibourg (and he spend a lot less than $27 million on it). He's a oil patch worker from Alberta. CTV covered it, (check out both videos on that page) as did the CBC and it hit the news as far away as Australia, but nobody really cared.

I love the quote from the mayor of Big Valley, "I disagree with him, but so what? He's entitled to his opinion and I'm entitled to mine!"

I love liberal, socialist, tolerant Canada! HA! It seems that the only people making a stink about it are American Bloggers! HA!

Back Off! Go whine about your own Creation Museum!

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The Armchair Theologian

Monday, July 02, 2007

Beauty is in the eye of the...

...Digital photo editor.

Now for years upon years, I've had conversations with dozens upon dozens of women about a subject that constantly haunts them; self image and beauty. I often feel for the tens of thousands of Christian women who are torn by the "inner beauty" message of the Bible and the "outer beauty" message of popular culture and popular media. Also, for years, I've been saying that popular media is simply all about marketing, and marketing is creative deception. Every single women's magazine is a virtual cornucopia of deceit, for all popular magazines and video utilize digital effects and image retouching/manipulation to present an ideal that is entirely fiction.

The girls in the magazines are so touched up that even they look at the magazines, and their own photos, and say "I wish I looked like that". But being a boy, I'm often dismissed. Interestingly, a photoshop wizard posted a quick video of himself retouching a photo, showing just how simple and amazingly a photo can be altered. Check this out:

Now this isn't earth shattering, but I'm guessing it's the first time some people have actually seen this done. This is why magazines like Vogue have full time photoshop pros on their staff. Just some food for thought.

Remember, even the models themselves don't look as good as the covers. Culture outright and maliciously lies to women to make them chase an ideal that is fictitious, with the hope that in their struggle to get there, those women will buy all their "age defying formula" and "longer lasting mascara" they can get their hands on.

There's nothing wrong with makeup and nothing wrong with being attractive. Just stop reading Vogue and Mademoiselle as if they represented anything related to reality. If one desires to learn about real beauty, one should instead read 1 Timothy 2:9-10, 1 Peter 3:1-6 and Proverbs 31. Spread the word.

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The Armchair Theologian