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Monday, April 18, 2005

Why in the Skin?

Everyone who reads this (all 2 of you) knows that I work at a computer shop and being employed in such a place, I encounter all manners of strange and bizarre people and questions. Today though, someone took the cake for the month. When a person says "I want a cheap computer", you normally thinkg$400-600 because that's what the cheap systems are at any big box store. Not so with this dude. My store, by nature of the fact that it takes some trade ins and whatnot, sometimes had real cheap stuff, like $100-200. I had a customer today who said "I want a cheap computer" so I showed him the $400-600 stuff. Too rich for his I searched through some other stuff for bargain basement stuff. I found something that was $299...but no. Too much. $199...but that was too much too. I then, half out of curiosity and half out of shock, offered him something for $125 and he said, and I quote, "I wasn't looking on spending that much on a new computer". I didn't respond with anything but I was already imagining that I would have a winner of "wacko of the month". On my next day off, out of sheer entertainment seeking, am going to Future Shop and I'm going to do the SAME thing! HA! I'm just stunned. I mean, come on! Who in the world thinks that they can get a new computer for $20? Harold, I recomend firing up the M.R.I. for this one because there's something not right upstairs. Nuff said. Until Next time,

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