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Monday, September 18, 2006

My stupid poem...

Here's something that's either clever or artistically offensive...depends on how much you know about poetry (and I know basically nothing! LOL!). Either way, I was attempting to encapsulate my position on the creationism debate regarding the nature of "evidence". What I often say is:

"It’s not about which side has more ‘evidence’.

It’s ALL about properly interpreting the data through the authoritative lens of scripture."

So I was trying to think of a snappier way to say that. I ended up with this:


It’s not as though a billion minds, all functioning in sin,
Could somehow unlock heaven’s doors and dare to peek therein.
Or that a scholar with his trowel out sifting through the soil
Could see the truth through nothing less than through sheer weight of toil.
For sin has killed and corrupted man’s reason, faith and sight
So that, though staring at the facts, they’re ne’er perceived aright.
The carnal man is dead in sin, he can’t tell truth from lies.
He must be brought from death to life and given seeing eyes!

For facts aren’t truly understood until they are aligned
And placed within the context of God’s perfect, holy mind.
Where is this mind? Where should one go that one may understand
The facts about the apple that is grasped within the hand?
Or that one may know thoughts divine, thoughts greater than one’s own?
The ponderings of him who sits above upon the throne?
I tell you sir that God has unveiled, by prophetic pen,
His mind within the holy scriptures given unto men.

In that scripture we learn of man’s creation and fall,
And how Christ’s death upon the cross provides now for us all
A way to triumph over sin and then, our minds renew
So we can have faith in God’s word and discern what is true!
Hence if one seeks to comprehend the world one lives within,
To turn ‘facts’ into ‘evidence’, one needs to deal with sin!
It’s not sheer facts that harmonize the science/faith discord,
but whether one sees facts through eyes submitting to the Lord.

WAIT a minute...Let's change that last couplet. It's NOT a "science/faith discord", it's a question about the authority of scripture and doing 'biblical' versus 'non-biblical' science. DOH! Hmmm...let's reword that:

"It's not sheer facts that parry evolution's swinging sword,
but whether one sees facts through eyes submitting to the Lord"

That sounds a bit better.

Any English majors or MDiv's want to light me on fire after that? Maybe I should leave this blog and write for Hallmark. LoL. Until Next Time,

The Armchair Theologian


Blogger C.W. Graham said...

DUDE!!!! You need to put that to music and I'll make sure my Church sings the Hymn; "All Evidence of Our Lord and King"

11:39 AM

Blogger The Armchair Theologian said...

Hmmm. THat would be quite the jam packed hymn! HA! I'm not sure how I could throw that to music...but that's an interesting idea. Are you actually serious about that? I may have to write a refrain for it then! HA! Crazy idea!

2:02 PM

Blogger C.W. Graham said...

Oh ya, I think Jerry would dig it!

6:57 PM

Blogger The Armchair Theologian said...

HA! Jerry would dig it? LOL! I can just imagine how many people would HATE it! LOL!

7:38 PM

Anonymous Dustin said...

I am s making that the first release of new metal band!

11:28 PM


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