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Friday, August 25, 2006


Make that 2-3 weeks. AT&T is really stupid down here and won't let me get internet until I have a 'direct pay' on my phone bill, but in order to do that I need a MasterCard/Visa from the bank and that's going to take another week or so. Sheesh! What's a guy to do?


Drive to school and post from the library computers. That's what.

So, in the meantime I'm going to spend a little while playing with my digital camera and learn about setting up some sort of video blog on YouTube or something.

And yes, it's hot down here. Quite hot. I think it's averaged around 30 degrees every day here. And it's humid. Big shock there.

BUT school is great. Masters Seminary is sweet, and attending Grace Community Church is amazing! On the whole, the sacrifices are far worth the rewards. I'm sorry I don't have real internet or anything, and I want to talk to many of you, but that will have to wait for what appears to be a few weeks. Soon and very soon...until next time,

The Armchair Theologian


Blogger C.W. Graham said...

Well, I hope to see you up and away here soon. FYI, it would be nice to see you ressurect some of the comments you have made under the replies into formal blogs... oh well, l8r

1:05 PM

Blogger The Armchair Theologian said...

Anything in particular?

9:33 PM

Blogger C.W. Graham said...

Yes, the stuff on the reliability of Scripture and the Nature of God burried in some of the long chain of replies you have.

I suspect many people missed them, or were concerned onl with the progression of discussion or argument in the comments and a fresh positive presentation (rather then the polemic used appropriately in the replies) would be rich for all us your adoring fans!

Still like the hair, keep blogging!

1:35 PM


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