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Friday, August 18, 2006

Safe and Alive!

Yup, like you've possibly read on my other blog, I'm in California. I arrived safe and alive last night (Aug. 18th) and I moved into the crack house that I'm renting. California is crazy-go-nuts and God is very gracious; I made it across the border, didn't crash and actually found my way here without too many problems. Awesome! Now, I've gotta get some new textbooks and whatnot (seeing that my classes have changed) but other than that, things are good.

I already miss Canadian fast food; the stuff that passes for "food" down here is, uh, yeah. Greasy and tasteless (and for some crazy reason, Subway doesn't have any sauces down everything is really dry! SO Gross!). In-and-Out burger is the only thing worth mentioning; not bad. I think that eating health won't be much problem.

Other than that, I've said lots on the Armchair Geek blog; no sense repeating myself. But on a funny note, last night I saw an Asian guy standing on a parked car, dancing to whatever loud rap music was playing. Surprisingly, this place kinda feels like Richmond, BC! HA!

Oh, and I met someone and he figured that he'd greet me with an Irish accent. I said "Good morning" and he said "Top of the mornin' to ya, lad!". (Let's here it for the stereotype that American's really are ignorant about everything except the USA) I almost responded in my best "Ernie Scar" impression (or a good Hutterite voice), but self-control reigned supreme. I figured that if I invited the guy to come out to the Hunt and Hook sports in Brocket, he wouldn't have had a CLUE what I was talking about. One day day. Okay.

Final note. I went into the GCC bookstore. I started weeping. The best Christian bookstore ever; no Brad Jersak or other flake-fest crap. All good books. I might spend my inheritance! Anyway, I've got a TON of running around to do. I already miss Saskatoon and the people there, but I'll only be down here for a few years...time WILL fly! Until Next Time,

The Armchair Theologian

P.S. - regular posting will continue in around a week, once I get my internet hooked up to my house.


Blogger Clint said...

Trust your book purchases will not break the bank--though temptations are great!

Glad you're safe and sound.

Grace to you in California, brother,


8:10 AM


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