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Saturday, November 11, 2006

Some Other News...

Tomorrow, at Grace Community Church, Al Mohler is gonna be here with a big ole' bucket of burning coals. YEAH BABY! This will be the first time for me to hear Al Mohler IN PERSON. Until now it's all be MP3. Maybe I'll see if he wants to recruit me to Souther Baptist Theological Seminary! HA! Maybe if he gives me a good offer! I think I'll get me an ole' snap shot, if that's not TOO totally dorky. Anyway, I'm gonna need to wear huggies to church tomorrow. Until Next Time,

The Armchair Theologian


Blogger Gretchen said...

Watch out - Al might just get you married off before the end of the day!

I couldn't help but notice one of your favorite movies is Spinal Tap.....right on bro, right on! My heart is warmed.

8:59 AM

Blogger The Armchair Theologian said...

Oh man! Who's climbing the ladder of cool? HEN! YES!

4:44 PM

Blogger Jen2 said...

Dude....huggies? Nice. :)

Oh, saw your comments on picasa web on my picture - "how salsa is just "like" the trinity."

Seriously can't stand valley girl you're around it all the time out in CA....tis one of my very few pet peeves.....but you're armchair, so you probably knew that didn't you ?!?!

(Hen -Nice refernce to the sermon "get married or get ordained" tis a fan favorite)

10:44 AM

Blogger Craver VII said...

Huggies?! No Sir. We elder gentlemen use Depends. It may help if you try not to down a big Diet Coke just before Chapel. Huggies leave you looking like you have a huge poofy bottom. Al probably won't be too impressed with diaper-wearing fans.

We always used that other brand for our kids, but did you know that when you buy the ones that say "30 lbs" on the side of the box, it doesn't actually mean that the product will hold up to 30 lbs of processed baby food? Oh, my poor kids.

11:50 AM

Blogger The Armchair Theologian said...


Oh no.

SOMEONE has told you about the Picasa stuff? I plead narcotic influence; I have been under general anesthetic several times and some leftovers clouded my mind for a moment. I was IN NO WAY insinuating that you were some form of valley girl. Chances are you're twice as articuate as I am. I was just making stupid captions on a picture that I thought would never be seen by anyone but Yen.

She's going to pay for this...there's a lot worse ones on her picassa site. I'm dead.


1:53 PM

Blogger Jen2 said...

Since I love nicknames and armchair is gonna wear huggies to church.....I'm gonna call em' PB.
Poofy Bottom.


Craver - the man who prefers depends.

2:44 PM

Blogger Craver VII said...

Oh, jen2, when you put it that way, it makes me sound so pathetic. No, no. What I mean is that if I were to ever get the chance to see legendary people like John Piper, Big Al from the SBC, Johnny Mac(Arthur) or RC: the Sproul-man, I would get real excited like when you go to someone's house and they say not to pay attention to the dog, because it wets all over the floor... it's like that. There; better?

Ummm... Okay, nevermind... I'll just be the guy who prefers depends.

3:28 PM

Blogger Frank Martens said...

just don't confuse PB with BP.

9:15 AM

Blogger Jen2 said...

Oh...sorry brother (craver)

It's funny cuz I know exactly what you mean, and I've been at Bethlehem for 2 years now.
My little brother has this preference of sitting in the second row. Well, pastor Piper loves his sheep very much, as you can expect, and so when he preaches, you know that he's going to make eye contact with you at some point. And sitting that close, there's nowhere to hide. Because he has such a tender sherpherd heart that you can see in his eyes as he preaches - It feels like he can see your soul as you sit there.
I literally have shrunk down a bit. During the sermon on March 6, be exact. (the present effects of trembling at the wrath of God)

I my seat and did not move anywhere for an hour and a half after the service.

Could have used some huggies for sure.

7:50 AM


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