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Wednesday, February 21, 2007

The Age Old Answer!

"...And this leads us to the age old question; 'which came first, the chicken or the egg?' Well, we know that the chicken came first because the Bible tells us that the chicken came first!"

- Dr John Street

HA! I always learn something interesting in Biblical Counseling class. Talk about practical theology! Awesome! Until Next Time,

The Amrchair Theologian


Blogger Craver VII said...

Did Adam have a bellybutton? (I'm a 6-day creationist who says yes.)

Or what about facial hair? Was he created clean-shaven as we usually see, or long beard or somewhere in between?

6:42 AM

Blogger wagboy said...

Do you think Adam worked out? If he was perfect before the fall how much could he squat? Think he would be stronger then Ronnie? LIGHT WEIGHT BABY TENDING THE GARDEN AINT NOTHING BUT A PEANUT YA BUDDY!!!!

5:48 PM

Blogger The Armchair Theologian said...

Some answers (Sorry Craver, I thought you were just making some rhetorical question jokes!):

1. Adam would have most likely not had a bellybutton. I simply say that not because of the "apparent age" idea, but more because he would have never received a cut umbilical cord. It's possible that he did though and God may have given him one just so he wasn't confused when he looked at Cain's belly. I can just imagine Adam, all shocked, pointing and yelling "What the heck is that? You have a HOLE in your belly son!"

2. Did Adam have facial hair? I'd guess that whatever he was born with started growing on the day he was created. Did he have a beard? Don't know. Did he have hair? Maybe. It's possible that he was created with no hair or that he was created like a 30 year old Middle Eastern Man, beard and body hair and all.

3. If Adam was perfect, I'm CERTAIN he worked out. All perfect people pound the weak-sauce-sissy weights baby!

4. I bet Adam squatted more than anyone, ever. Most likely like 4,000+ pounds, or whatever two wooly mammoths would have weighed (plus the bar, of course...Come to think of it, that's probably why Noah had TWO of everything on the ark too! He must have been training like a madman! Curling dogs, french pressing a calf and benching like 2 lions and 2 lambs! 150 days of bulking and 150 days of cardio! Man, and he had 7 of the clean animlas for stacking his protein! Man! Noah must have been FRIGGIN' RIPPED!). It's even possible that because he was perfect, and using 100% of his brain, he could squat more. I mean, do you know ANYONE who uses 100% of their brain?


Well then, you can NOT disagree with me either, seeing that you don't know anyone who uses 100% of their brain.

Some people think that the unused parts of the brain, if activated, would give people telekenesis or telepathy or something...

...I suspect it would simply increase our max squats by several hundred percent.

I'm entitled to my opinion, just like everyone else. Shut up.

5. So seeing that Adam used 100% of his brain, he would have most certainly been WAY stronger than Ronnie. Like tons stronger.

Tending the Garden AIN'T nuthin' but a peanut!

I would have loved to see that...

Though I REALLY would have loved to see Shem, Ham, Japeth and Noah all pressing pairs in "Flooded World Gym". Can you imagine how awesome that would have been? I can just imagine hearing people yelling in the ark, trying to get 1 more rep of the baby elephant cages.

"Come ON Shem! Pound that Pakaderm one more time! LIGHTWEIGHT BABY!"

6:54 PM

Blogger Kirk said...

i imagine it will bring back some memories.

10:23 PM

Blogger The Armchair Theologian said...

Oh man alive Kirk! I have a few things to say about that clip:

1. Dragonforce RIPS!

2. Dragonforce's music is so psycho that it's almost impossible to play live.

3. Their drummer can kick like a MANIAC!

4. They were all sorts of out of tune! That was difficult to listen to!

5. Don't ever play a concert drunk. No matter what line you tell yourself, it is never as good. They were screwing up left and right!

10:21 PM


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