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Wednesday, February 07, 2007

More In Class Craziness...

Yesterday I'm in a class after writing a brutal Hebrew exam, and I was tired...i.e. my brain was fried. Oh no.

Oh Yeah.

I was trying to concentrate and my imagination was running wild and going absolutely nuts. The prof was lecturing on Puritans and their baptismal practices and for some reason, I started thinking about Mary Poppins singing a song about baptism, if she was some sort of emergent church "baptismal omniformalist", allowing all formats and all baptismal doctrines at the same time (if she taugh infant, adult and senior citizen baptism, and if she sprinkled, poured and immersed, depending on her mood and what church she was in. Plus, it was and was not an evidence of salvation/method of regeneration). I honestly don't have a clue where this stuff comes from, but as I was trying to pay attention my brain started singing a Mary Poppins song on Baptism. Remember "Supercalifragilisticexpialidocious"? Well, my Puritan, wacky baptismal theology Mary Poppins was singing a different tune:

It's baptismal doctrine for churches of emersion
With babies, adults, seniors it verifies conversion


I grew up in a Lutheran church
Without Baptists for friends
Our baptismal differences
I could not comprehend
Then I thought "Our traditions,
Why doesn't someone blend?"
And now I immerse infants
And I sprinkle full grown men!


verse 2:

If you are having problems
Trying to serve the Lord
And with the local churches
There's baptismal discord
With my new theology
You should climb aboard
Embrace my new found doctrine,
and dunk, sprinkle AND pour!


verse 3:

If you think disunity
with churches isn't fun.
And thoughts of pedobaptism
make you just scream and run.
You could stop the fighting
And you could baptize none
Or kick open the doors of church
And baptize everyone!

I don't know where this craziness comes from. I hope it entertains someone out there though. This has gotta be the most bizarre blog post from me in months. Ha! Until Next Time,

The Amrchair Theologian


Blogger Dusto said...

Have you been smoking some of that Californian green stuff over at Berkeley?

9:18 PM

Blogger Craver VII said...

A bizarre post from you??
Should I say I'm surprised?

So now I've got this idea to get firemen/elders to kick open the doors of the junior high classrooms with their high-pressure water hoses. Heh, heh.

Nuts! Now, I can't get that stupid song out of my head!!

10:33 AM

Blogger C.W. Graham said...

I love it

9:51 AM

Blogger wagboy said...

dude, your weird.

5:01 PM

Blogger Jen2 said...

scary? yep...a little.
Funny - surely is !!

7:39 AM

Anonymous Tyler said...

Hello old friend, glad to see you are still...well...uh...enjoying yourself. Thought you'd like to know that i was driving home the other day and saw an ostrich suddenly get run over by a boat motor. strange. very strange

11:36 AM


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