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Wednesday, June 08, 2005

All Units: DefCon Fang!

Okay. First off, the guitarist for Rascal Flatts looks a heck of a lot like Sean William Scott. I just noticed that today and that's such important news that it must headline my latest post. Now, onto my latest post. This one will be short, but in the flavour of what's most loved around here...griping about relationships. Now I originally started this blog with theology more in mind, and I do put up some theological and philosophical stuff time and again, but not always...

For those who know, I've got like 7 weddings to go to this summer. All my friends but a tiny handful are getting married and I'm kinda already getting bugged a tad at a marriage phenomenon that I call 'honey vision'. Now you ask "What's Honey Vision?" (possibly without the needless capitalization) Well, 'honey vision' is the phenomenon of when a young married man/woman forgets about all their other friends for a few years while they enjoy the intimacy of married life. It's usually the worst across genders too because it's strange to know how close you can be with someone whom is married now. It's the newleywed version of 'tunnel vision'. You all know what I mean...

You are friends with 'Bobby'. Bobby and you aren't best friends but Bobby and you are close. Then Bobby meets Betty and they start dating. Bobby still remains friends with you but you don't see him as much. Then, Bobby gets engaged and is off the radar during his engagement period. You go to his wedding and have a good time. He apologizes for being busy for the last few months and promises that he'll give you a call in a month or two, when things 'settle down'. You call and leave a few messages and run into him in the mall once or twice, but you don't hear from him for like two years. Then one day you run into him and he gives you a large, drawn out apology with the explanation that he needs to spend some time 'with the guys' (because either pootie is getting boring or he's had a serious struggle that the wife cannot seem to help him through). You agree and try to fit him back into your life and the friendship either recovers or doesn't.

Seeing that all my friends are getting married, I'm kinda getting bummed out that I'm losing too many friends to 'honey vision'. Now 'honey vision' doesn't always last too long (usually a few months before the wedding until 2-3 years after), but the period of 'honey vision' is always a frustrating one for those left behind. Especially for a friend that you invest a lot in. I don't even have a lot to say about it, but I'm sorta griping/venting on the ole' blog again. Does anyone identify with the pain in the butt factor of 'honey vision'? Let me know. Any ideas on coping with 'honey vision'? Any wisdom?

I mean, I do have some biblical answers for the issue, but I'm interested in feedback. I got some good stuff with 'the truth about E', and I'm hoping for something good here. Until Next Time,

The Armchair Theologian


Blogger Princess Jones said...

I have no advice, for I have been continually dumped by my female friends for their "man"... but mine haven't come around yet and discovered that they still need female friends!

9:53 AM


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