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Friday, June 10, 2005

Reflections upon possible temporal infractions...

I was reading something today and was struck by a completely lateral is the case in my often back-firing brain. Consider the following:

In the gospel of John, at the wedding at Cana, Jesus turns water into wine. Now normally, wine is the outcome of the process of fermentation. Grapes age and ferment, making wine. (not to mention pressing and everything else involved). I don't doubt for a second that it happened, but here's my question. I'm wondering if Christ changed the water into wine by transformation (as in turning it's essence from one form to another) or by injection (putting the relevant elements into the existing water, kinda like injecting crystals into water to make lemonade)? Also, was the wine created already fermented or did Christ inject the elements and then 'fast forward' time, making the wine ferment extremely rapidly? In performing miracles, does God usually use natural processes and modify them, or skip them altogether? Would either way would show forth his absolute sovereignty over creation or would one work better than the others?

I know these questions don't have answers, and I'm not seeking any. Just a point of curiosity though. This would fall under the realm of 'theoretical theology', which is often pointless though quite entertaining! HA! Just thinking aloud and having some silly cranium time. Until next time,

The Armchair Theologian


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