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Wednesday, July 05, 2006

Holy Jerusalem!

Well, watch the news folks. I was reading this link, which is an article from the Jerusalem Post, and August 6-12 is "World Pride Week"...i.e. international "gay pride week". The organizers of the world pride week laid seige against Rome in 2000, doing everything in their power to offend the Catholics. Now, it's time for all of Judaism and Christendom to get attacked, slandered and mocked. 6 days of half naked men in leather speedos dancing around, with pavilions and gay film festivals and phallic candy and everything that comes with a huge gay pride parade...In Jerusalem.

Apparently, 3/4 of the city are opposed to the parade, but them homosexuals don't care; like always, any opposition to their 'righteous cause' is automatically homophobia and bigotry. They're storming into your city, like it or not, taking off most of their clothes, and dancing around. Next, they'll be hopping the fence into your backyard and crashing family events, and if you don't like it, TOO BAD! You're a fundamentalist, or a bigot, or a homophobe! I'm amazed, and I predict that on August 6th, CNN will have something on the headlines about "fundamentalist Jews/Christians picket gay pride parade in Jerusalem". August 10th, the 'top story' will be something along the lines of "3 homosexuals shot in Jerusalem today when an unknown gunman opened fire on a crowd".

I mean, I know that homosexual's hate Christ and live in open daily aggressive defiance of the Lord, but don't they have a lick of 'common sense' of any sort? I mean, it's the middle east! Come ON you idiots! Jews and Palestinians and Muslims kill each other over there for fun on a daily basis...And a bunch of people that all three groups hate are going to go over there to have a party in their backyard. Are these homosexuals INSANE? If ONE thing could unite Jews, Muslims and Palestinians for a second, it would be to bomb a crowd of homosexuals desecrating their first and second holiest cities in their respective faiths. In fact, if there isn't any bloodshed at this event, I'll be so astounded that I'm going to bake a cake.

What's more, I constantly (sorta) laugh at the gay communities need to have a parade to 'shove down everyone's throats' that they're normal people. They're constantly fighting for their 'rights' and whatnot...sure, sure. I wonder what would happen if all the heterosexual couples decided to have a 'straight pride' parade, and fight for their rights to promote family values and fight the insurgence of soft core pornography into the media and homosexuality into the school systems? (Even better would be if all the Protestants had a reformation pride parade, celebrating the biblical doctrines of the reformation. I wonder if the media would portray that in a positive light?) I can just see the "straight pride parade" news interview now...

Anchor: "I have Fred Phelps here. He's a 'typical' heterosexual man, and a respected Christian pastor, who's travelled all they way to be here from Topeka Kansas..."

Anyway, I agree with some of the people who posted comments on the Jerusalem Post's website. If the homosexuals are so proud and need to celebrate their sexuality, in public, regardless of what the hosting city thinks of it, then they should consider the following cities for 2012:


or my personal favorite:


Come on! Show your pride! Don't let the bigots get you down!

Can you imagine the headlines? "Gay Pride Parade ends in bloodbath!" Those Saudi Muslims would pull out the swords and go absofreakinlutely nuts. The 500 homosexuals stupid enough to show up would be killed by a mob of half a million muslims in about 2 seconds. Man! The homosexuals can cry 'bigot' all they want but over yonder, where the muslims have relatively theocratic states, there's no RCMP or legal tape to hide behind. Anyway, watch the news August 6th. I predict that it will hit the fan HUGE. Until Next Time,

The Armchair Theology Pride Parade!

- And kudos for Deo Volente for the link.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Bravo. You've managed to offend almost everyone in the world with this post, sans those poor white upper class Protestant straight guys. They have it so tough. Maybe they should hold a rally themselves in Mecca! A Christian fundamentalist rally! You can lead them and prance around in your Gap Jeans and collared shirts! You're proud of your faith, aren't you?

2:02 PM

Blogger The Armchair Theologian said...

Almost everyone? I doubt I've offended too many Muslims or Jews with this post. They're not exactly private about their dislike of homosexuality. The Muslims regularly stone homosexuals to death and the Jews are already picketting in Jerusalem.

I didn't slam Hindus, Sihks, Buddhists, Atheists, Mormons, JW's, Zoroastrians or Scientologists...but there are more posts to come!

A rally in Mecca? Why would straight Protestants hold a rally in Mecca? Don't straight Protestants seem to have rallies in sports arenas and 'super domes' all over, not in public marketplaces? I have never heard of a 'Gay Rally' in the Astro Dome. They're ALWAYS public and marching down the street.

And for the record, you're confusing "Protestant Straight Guys" with "Mormons". They're the 'Gap jean & collared shirt' crowd. "Protestant Straight Guys" are more of a 'Gap khaki and buttoned shirt' crowd...but I can see how an outsider could easily confuse those two. They ARE a lot alike, at least fashion wise.

Oh, and the whole 'white upper class Protestant = fundamentalist' is awesome. All white upper class Protestants are fundamentalists? Nice subtle insult!

In the future, please sign in with a name other than anonymous and use it all the time. It gets confusing when everyone and their dog signs in as Anonymous. Come in as "Toothless Ninja" or "Religion is for fools" or whatever, but just don't be "anonymous"'s confusing and I don't know who's attempt at witty banter is who's.

9:08 AM

Blogger The Armchair Theologian said...

Okay okay...I re-read my post, just to see if there was actually anything offensive in it. The whole "homosexuals hate Christ" comment was definitely offensive. Do you want me to pull that out, or was there something else offensive that I didn't see?

9:11 AM

Blogger matt said...

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6:14 PM


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