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Sunday, October 01, 2006

Fast Facts about the contents of Oscar Meyer Weiners:

Kirk T-Dawg, I took the liberty of taking a study break and finding the following MySpace pages of the TNB (Theological Nutcase Battalion...not "TBN", though they're basically the same thing):


Jesse Duplantis

Joyce Meyer

Benny Hinn

Kathryn Kuhlman

Smith Wigglesworth (The dead have MySpace pages?)

Paula White

Joel Osteen (who says he doesn't identify himself with the nutcases? He's on EVERYONE'S friends list!)

Paul Yonggi Cho

Reinhard Bonnke
(already 20+ million people "saved" in Nigeria alone? Wow. Turning out sheer numbers like that, he should be working with the Southern Baptists!)

And on and on...I'm feeling nausious. Back to the books! Until Next Time,

The Armchair Theologian


Blogger Kirk said...

not only do the dead have myspace pages. but they are frineds with the living. kathryn kuhlman seems to have been busy on a number of people's top 12 friends. that is a bit eary.

11:45 PM

Blogger Kirk said...

one more one commentor named 'crucial' put this on her myspace...

"WHAT'S GOOD Kathryn Kuhlman!? I truly everything is going good wit ya. Just passing thru to take up a little space on your site, hope you don't mind. Much love to you and yours, homie. . .



Rock Solid Records - Charlotte, NC"

10:27 AM

Blogger tomgee said...

Did You Notice That All Of Joel Osteen's Write Up Has Every Single Word Capitalized?

And That Many Of The Comments Of His "Friends" Are Also Written With The First Letter Capitalized? Less Like Friends And More Like Sock-Puppets, Perhaps?

That is really painful to type. You've assembled quite a sad list there. I almost wish I had a MySpace account so I could add a few less positive references to these individuals.

(Did you miss the Copelands? Or are they not on MySpace?)

8:26 PM


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