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Monday, July 04, 2005

A Few Comments on Australia's Finest!

Well, thanks to an 'evangelistic' atheist friend of a friend, I recently had the experience of watching John Safran vs. God. John Safran is an Australian 'guerilla film' producer, aka. Micheal Moore (whom he directly compares himself too), who made a short series about his own investigation of world religions. Talk about something that's not P.C. It was quite insightful at times as John is quite the closet intellectual, but I found myself laughing a lot as it was quite funny. I recommend it to spiritually immature viewers, but I'm thinking of getting a copy and using some of the clips on Buddhism and Hinduism in a class some time. John really debunks basically every world religious system, except for Evangelical Christianity. Our representative, the man who's supposed to be the 'poster protestant', was none other than Bob Larson. BOB FREAKING LARSON! I mean, that's as bad as Benny Hinn, those snake handlers from Colorado or the KKK (whom John also represents as 'Christians'...) I'd be offended if it wasn't so idiotic.

I have lots of observations, but only time for one. When John went to Salt Lake City, he decided to get back at the Mormons for knocking on his door at 8:00 in the morning so he got dressed up in a white shirt and black pants with a black badge that said 'athiest' and he went knocking on doors, trying to convert the Mormons to atheism. Now the concept is freaking hilairous and he got a TON of great footage of some extraordinarily pissed off Mormons, but John's 'tract' that he was giving out, as the manifesto of atheism, was Origin of the Species. So much for subtlety. Now, after millions of years, I have rock hard evidence (HA!) that atheism and evolution go hand in hand. I mean, why Origin? Why not something from Marx or Nietzche? Even Satre' would do. I'm going to show that clip to my theistic (I know, I know...theistic NOT atheistic) evolutionary friends who claim that evolution is more Christian than not. HA! Anyway, I've gotta jet. Until Next Time,

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

You may have issues with Bob Larson(As does most of the Christian World) but it is hard to believe that after Safran exposed himself to so much from the dark side that you could not be affected by what happened to him in the sessions with Larson. But then I was once a blinded by ivory towers of systems of theology that I constructed in my own mind. My question to you? What would you have expected the expelling of demons to have looked like in NT times?

Does God only empower those that can receive and understand "right" theology and feel themselves chosen to "instruct", "correct", "rebuke" others?
I have met John Safran and he knows something happened to him. And God also instantaneously delivered me from depression and from a rare muscle disease (diagnosed at Mayo) that was destroying my body. And it was demonic and my wife sensed it when it left. God be the Glory!!

I think the secular world wants to see the power of God and less to hear from those that have all the answers.

Yours truly,
A former Van Til Presuppositionalist with several degrees, diplomas, titles, juried scientific publications (Johns Hopkins School of Medicine), seminary training (Gordon-Conwell), Marketing training (IBM), MBA (Carnegie Mellon), blah, blah, blah.

P.S. I also do not align myself to any zodiac signs, astrological idols or practice eastern witchcraft-rooted forms of martial arts.

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