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Saturday, July 02, 2005

Live 8 What?!

I've been watching Live 8 on TV at work today as it's not been super busy and I've been thoroughly confused. Several celebrities who make millions, if not dozens of millions, of dollars per year, (and some actual half successful artists who work for a Randy Bachman) are having a telethon to get the regular joes of the world to donate money to cancel third world debt, fight hunger and save the world. Here's my idea. Why doesn't Mike Myers, or Usher, or George Lucas, or whoever, donate all their money from their next movie/album to fight world hunger/third world debt/corrupt governments/whatever the problem is. How about that folks? One album? One movie? C'Mon George! I'm sure the profits from Episode 3 could revitilize 3 or 4 nations in Africa. I mean, if I can afford to donate a third of my $1500/month income to whose who need it, why can't a millionaire donate half their income? Can't Denzell live off just $5 million per movie? Forget the NHL. I think movie stars need salary caps. Just a question about the absolutely corn-fed Iowa hypocrisy of the whole deal. In my books, every single celebrity who supports this valiant effort without donating a serious percentile of their income is more corrupt and wicked then every bad TV evangelist combined. The same artists who are asking for my money arrived at the concert in a Maybach. It's disgusting. Till Next Time,

The Armchair Theologian

P.S. - Donating money to Scientology doesn't count as supporting a worthy Cruise and Travolta can shut up about their 'good deeds'.


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